Hemp Extract, Hatch Green Chile, Cheddar, Garlic, Macaroni and Cheese (24)


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FishSki Provisions provides easy to prepare Mountain Southwest comfort food with adventurous flavors to inspire bolder living. Everything we make is inspired by the foods and culture of the Mountain Southwest and requires just water and minimal preparation (no straining). Our packaging is recyclable, portable, packable, and weather resistant to take on adventures or keep around for when you might not have much in the house and want a delicious easy dinner. We are fortunate to be in Colorado at the world epicenter of Hemp foods and as such see Hemp as a Southwestern ingredient. We believe hemp should be treated as any other ingredient and incorporated into more and more foods. We make our hemp extract Mac and Cheese with US, organically, outdoor grown hemp. The hemp extract is the best CO2 derived isolate available. Each bag is dosed at 35 mg the result of customer testing and preference- it is enough to share with a friend but not too much if you enjoy yourself. We hope to introduce hemp extract into our other new and upcoming offerings including Jalapeno Grits, drink mixes, and snacks. Hemp is a plant ingredient and should be enjoyed like any other superfood. Like our chiles, grits, pasta, spices, and cheeses we use only the best ingredients available; and for our hemp foods we stick to that core value. FishSki Provisions uses the highest quality US grown hemp available. We’re named FishSki because our three favorite things and passions in the world are Southwest foods, flyfishing, and skiing. We are fortunate to live and work in the best place for our three passions and started FishSki to share them with the world. In addition to creating delicious, easy to prepare, and accessible Southwest foods we use FishSki to ensure there will be great fishing and skiing in the future. As such over 3% of our sales is donated to local conservation or recreational access efforts to protect or improve fishing and skiing.

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